Recycle Your Old Vape Products

For any new electrical vape product you buy from us, we will recycle a similar old product that you return to us. The original product that we recycle doesn't even need to have been purchased from Elf Bar Vapes.

What vape products can I recycle?

You can return any vape, mod, disposable vape or mod to us and then when you purchase a similar item we will recycle your old device at no cost to you.

Why should you recycle your vape?

Electronic cigarettes and even disposable vape kits contain a mix of electrical components, battery cells, metals, plastics and even some chemicals that could be harmful to the environment if not disposed of correctly.

By choosing to you recycle your vape through Elf Bar Vapes you are ensuring that instead of all of these elements ending up in landfill, they are safely broken down, with as many of the components reused or recycled as possible, with any remaining parts that can't be reused disposed of safe and responsible manner.

What is WEEE?

WEEE or Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment is the term for electrical equipment that has reached end of life and is ready for disposal. The WEEE regulations are the process and governance for the safe and responsible management of WEEE. At we are fully compliant and supportive of all WEEE regulations and encourage you to support the many benefits that come with recycling your old electricals instead of sending them to landfill.